vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Fall with Heart

I  have some lovely garments in my wardrobe I am addicted to. For this fall season it is my Effie's heart blue coat. It is nice, comfortable and people on the street ask me where I got it. I love it.

Photography: Ekaterina Sklyarova (Double Rainbow Photography)
Coat: Effie's heart
Hat: MIX by Olga Salakhutdinova

lundi 18 novembre 2013

What do Veggies and Gloves Have in Commun?

What do veggies and fruits have in common with gloves and mittens? You could say, “nothing,” but if you just let your imagination work, you would be surprised to find that they might have similar colors, textures, and even meanings. That's what we were trying to capture by bringing to life our still life compositions with gloves, mittens, veggies and fruits.

Fine Grapes
Small, elegant and sophisticated. You can definitely imagine an elegant woman wearing these black and ivory polka dot Microfiber gloves and holding a bunch of grapes.

Black and ivory polka dot Microfiber gloves by Marcel et Cendrion at

Sophisticated Artichoke
If you've ever been to Trader Joe’s with your kids, you might have already seen a funny sticker featuring a sophisticated woman wearing an artichoke on her head. Artichokes are a winter-season edible flower. Yes, a flower! It is also a natural source of folic acid and vitamin C. Artichokes, along with these beautiful taupe and ivory lace Microfiber gloves, are made for the sophisticated woman.

Soft and Fibrous Persimmon
These fingerless knitted mittens are soft and fibrous like a persimmon. Stay warm and enjoy life with these bright mittens on your hands and a piece of persimmon in your mouth.

Deep Yellow Pumpkin
Halloween is over, but pumpkin season is still here. The deep yellow pumpkins are a great match for the beige fuzzy fingerless knitted mittens.

Fingerless mittens by Olga Salakhutdinova

Funny Prickly Cactus Pear
Do you often eat cactus pears? I guess your answer might be “as often as I wear fingerless mittens made of felted wool.” Though, you won't be sorry if you have these funny, warm and unusual fingerless mittens for the upcoming winter season.

Fresh Green Bell Pepper
A fresh green bell pepper gets along well with these unusual custom-made green and purple fingerless mittens. Freshen your mind and try new accessories this fall season!

By Olga Limonov Design

Sweet Strawberries
Let's flirt with these black Effie's Heart gloves, designed with layers of decorative ruffles. They are feminine and sweet like strawberries.

Zesty Lemon
If you love zesty lemon flavor, you would definitely enjoy wearing these blue elbow-length Effie's Heart gloves. They will bring a sophisticated touch to your classic fall looks, just like a lemon will bring an unforgettable zesty touch to your classic sweet cakes.

Juicy Pomegranate
I fell in love with these black lace gloves. Their lace looks just like the inside of a pomegranate: graceful and mysterious.


Tasty Apple
Apple is the forbidden fruit. It is also a symbol of love and sexuality. “Love and sexuality” – that's what I am thinking about while putting on these beautiful red fingerless mittens with black bows.

All pictures by Ekaterina Sklyarova (Double Rainbow Photography)
Project made in cooperation with Rue1 showroom