mardi 23 septembre 2014

Rendezvous: Africa

"Africa has a thousand ways to get under your skin." - was written in “The poisonwood bible”. Indeed, it has.

A country that inspires many but in such different ways. For someone Africa is a country of safari, colorful sunrises and sunsets, kind and generous people and rare animals. For others Africa is a tortured beauty and an innocent victim suffering for centuries.

African safari was a theme of Theia Grazi's SS 2014 collection. The brand Theia Grazi means “Goodness of Grace”. It offers a selection of elegant dresses, tops and skirts – clothing that would be effortlessly sophisticated yet comfortable.

In what way have you been inspired by Africa?
Theia Grazi:
We were inspired by African safari where you can have the experience of observing animals in their beautiful habitat. We admired the colors of African nature and animals, and how they harmonically flow. We were trying to incorporate these feelings into our Spring 2014 collection.

With another view on Africa deals Henriette Moreau’s painting “Enjoy your meal”. Originally from Germany, Henriette moved to the US a few years ago. After a trip to Africa in 2010 she fell in love with the continent and has been following its current events since then. The painting – which at the date of the photo shoot was still in progress (In progress and unfinished. Is it indeed Africa itself?) – relates to the African-Chinese relationship. Henriette creates portraits and figurative paintings, often with surreal elements, which are inspired by current events and people who she meets along her creative journey.

Your painting's title is “Enjoy your meal!” What do you mean by that?
The painting relates to the African-Chinese relationship and the increasing Chinese investments in Africa. While in fact any foreign investment might have good aspects and bring economic advantages to African countries, I ask question of sustainability and suggest to view all foreign interests with some skepticism. It claims that it is Africa’s and all investing nation’s responsibility to make sure every deal is a win-win, economically, ecologically as well as culturally.

Photography: Galina Kuziakova
Idea: Rue1 showroom
Outfit: Theia Grazi
Makeup: Lana Ishanova (makeup by Lana)
Model and artist: Henriette Moreau

About “Rendezvous” project:
“Rendezvous” project was launched by Rue1 showroom and is a meeting point between art and fashion. The goal of this project is to bring together in one fashion shoot a local Bay Area designer's collection piece and a local artist's artwork. Those two fashion and art creations should be somehow linked.
The global goal of this project as of all Rue1 showroom's projects is to showcase local Bay Area designers and allow them to get more visibility through creative fashion shoots, events etc.