lundi 21 avril 2014

Shades of Green

I was inspired either by March St. Patrick's Day celebrations, or by enjoyable springtime, fully here in the Bay Area. So, I want to talk about the color green and its many shade.
Green was never my favorite. But some time ago, I suddenly started to see all of its beauty and admire its incredible range.
Saying just “green” is not enough to explain the color. You should surely add emerald, jade, malachite, olive, army, bottle, dark pastel, dartmouth, and celadon (by the way, celadon and celadon green are completely different colors, as celadon is a pale greyish shade of green used in Chinese and Korean pottery). What a variety!
In all of the varieties of green you'll probably find more shades named after animals, vegetables and stones: artichoke, asparagus, avocado, emerald, fern, tea, laurel, mantis, myrtle, pine, olive, forest, sea, dark moss green, and so on. And no wonder, green is common in nature and is usually associated with nature and spring.
It was also interesting for me to find out that there is a geographical dimension to green. There is India green, Persian green, Spanish green, Russian green, Paris green an even a North Texas green. 
What is your favorite green? Let's find out!

 Mint green dress by Theia Grazi

Pistachio green dress by Carrie Asby (Sutter Larkin)
Photographer: Paul Rogers

Jacket with dark olive green flowers by Theia Grazi

Mint green turban hat
Photographer: Rey DF
MUA: Carla Tersini

Spanish green dress by Tuan Tran
Photogrtapher: Brandon Caffey

Emerald green earrings and necklace by Yarn&Clay

Pine green leather double belt and clutch by nat&nin (