vendredi 23 août 2013

And you will Fall Into My Net...

Look how amazing this picture is:

Fisherman's Net

Fashion is a mirror of life. Have you ever thought of fisherman's net geometry in fashion? I have. 
A few days ago I had a fashion shoot with an amazing team: a photographer Rey DF, a makeup artist Carla Tersini and a hair stylist Timberly Kerby.
Timberly put a weird net on my shoulder saying "Try it". The net became a stylish accessory, and we got these amazing pictures:

Photography: Rey DF
Makeup: Carla Tersini
Hair and clothing styled by: Timberly Kerby

Fisherman's net gives inspiration to many designers and we can see it on a catwalk as well as in our real life clothing and accessories.

Fisherman's net on a catwalk.

Too much:

Just right:

Nicolas K

Fisherman's net in clothing and accessories.


Free People Fishnet Sweater 

It is not wonder that a hair net is a popular wedding hair accessory. First, it is beautiful and second, it is a symbol of being trapped. Joke.

 Wedding Hair:

 Wedding hair piece by Anna Be

lundi 12 août 2013

Back to Pharaohs' Times

I get inspired by different countries and cultures. Trips are the most inspirational time for me.
That's how lots of jewelry designers get inspired too.

Let's start our small trip to Egypt right now.

Egyptian jewelry, whether antique or modern, has similar features. It's usually large in scale and heavily embellished with details, symbols and gemstones jewelry.

Lorraine Schwartz's necklaces and bracelets are massive, expensive and of breathtaking beauty. They reminds us of ancient Pharaohs' times and worn by current glamorous, rich and famous divas and actresses.
Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Salma Hayek and many more are a part of her loyal clientèle:

Beyonce in Schwartz's necklace

Heidi Clum in Lorraine Schwartz's necklace

Egypt offers inspiration for small designers too.

Blue Hour Designs Bracelet

Blue Hour Designs Ring

Scarab beetle is a common symbol in Egyptian jewelry.

Scarab Beetle Ring. Handmade by Sirius Lux for Treehouse Brooklyn.

Yarn & Clay Bracelet

Yarn & Clay Olive Green Earrings

NezDesigns Necklace