samedi 29 juin 2013

From Chanel to Sheena or My Homage to the Little Black Dress

Do you have a little black dress in your closet? I do, and I love it. Thank you, Coco Chanel, for this major piece of my wardrobe.
Thank you, Sheena Matheiken, for thinking differently of this small black treasure. Do you know Sheena Matheiken? I've only recently learned about her Uniform project dating back to 2009. Here how it went:
When I decided to write this post, I contacted Sheena to ask her a few questions about her past project, her black dresses and her accessories... about herself. I did not really expect her to reply but she did. She replied to me saying she was no longer taking interviews as the project was wrapped up a few years ago. It was a "no" I was happy to receive.

Coco and Sheena, you are my favorite women in black pouring light into the world!

And I would like to dedicate my small photo shoot and this post to you.

I think I would never be able to wear the same "petite robe noire" the whole year. But I surely can wear 4 different black dresses during the day. A nice black dress can make you elegant and different, especially when accompanied by the right accessories.


10 am, going to the pool:

Dress: Nemo
Bikini: Roxi Swim
Bag: Two's company
Bracelet: Yarn & Clay
Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters

Noon, going to have lunch with my parents:

Dress: Nemo
Bag: Edmins
Bracelet and necklace: Yarn & Clay

2 pm, going to the office for an urgent meeting with my boss:

Dress: Theia Grazi
Ring: Yarn & Clay
Watch: Opex
Bag: Edmins
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini

6 pm, going to the opera with my husband:

Dress: Theia Grazi
Necklace: L'atelier d'une fée
Clutch and shoes: Minelli

11 pm, ending the day at the night club with my friends:

Dress: Bebe
Bracelet and necklace: Yarn & Clay
Clutch: Giuseppe Zanotti
Shoes: Pura Lopez

All pictures:
Photography: Joel Moses
Make-up: Carla Tersini
Style and model: Albina Patou-Chebykina

Basically, you can do almost everything wearing a black dress.
The only thing you would probably not do is to go to bed with your black dress on, just because nobody will be able to see how you are beautiful.

lundi 24 juin 2013

A Scarf is not a Weather Indicator, It Is a Mood Mark

Do you think you can wear a knitted scarf only in winter or autumn when it's cold, windy and snowing?
If you answer is "NO" you are either from Paris or from San-Francisco. 
In Paris people love scarves and can wear them all the time. Beret, baguette and a scarf....and here you go.. you look like a French, just don't talk.
In San-Francisco even if it is summer time, it is still windy, very windy. So, a warm knitted scarf is always welcome.
Well, I'm just kidding.
What? Are you still saying "NO". Ok, then you are just like me, exploring your style.
There are millions and millions scarves you would love to wear and 1000 and 1 façons to wear them even in summer. Just follow your mood, not weather forecasts:

"In black and red" with a red crocheted cowl scarf

And even à la "Maria Magdalena"

"Colorful" with crocheted orange loop eternity scarf

À la "Maria Magdalena" again, kind of....

"In black and white" with black crocheted mobius scarf

And even à la "Peekaboo"

Model: Albina Patou-Chebykina
Make-up and hair: Vellia Dance (Dollface)
Photography: Yana Mostizky

dimanche 23 juin 2013

Why do I like Castle?

I like Castle....the television show. Castle is about a beautiful detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic)  and a mystery writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) working together in NYPD on murder cases.
For those who do not know Castle, just watch it.
If you love detective stories, you will find perfectly good plots and the true pleasure of knowing that everything will come together in the end.
If you like fashion, watch it too. You will find elegant actors giving you fresh ideas for your outfits.

In this respect my favorite Castle's character is Martha Rogers (Susan Sullivan). She knows how to marry red, blue and green together and do not look like an old parrot. She knows how to wear a ton of jewelry without giving an impression of a Christmas tree.

mardi 11 juin 2013

If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair....

It's summer time and we want to wear accessories which remind us of nature, flowers, animals, trips to faraway countries...

Here is my choice:

Elegant and comfortable Pura Lopez shoes from with leopard print rafia (SS 13 collection)

So girly pink coral bracelet by Y. Mostizky

Big and specious python tote bag by Proenza Schouler

Beautiful headband by die_blonde (SS13 collection)